The OTTO line
  • We provide high tech solutions far above from the standards.
  • Long lasting solutions with the right material for all occasions.
  • Seam engineering from the European leader in seaming.
  • A standard color range of over 140 colors in S-100 and almost any color as individual solution for your projects as well in small quantities.
  • We provide the right materials and technical skill for the perfect seam.
Technical Background

Sealants and adhesives with an excellent reputation in construction as well as industry.

The OTTO line is mainly premium class products that not only gained market leadership but also seen as driving force behind innovations in many fields due to its high standard of quality and efficiency.

Adhesives – a performance comparison

High performance adhesives are increasingly replacing mechanical jointing techniques. Contrary to the famous household all-purpose glues, the adhesives for industry or construction applications need to fulfill performance specifications in line with the respective installation job. In order to find the right adhesive for a specific application the different specifications need to be taken into account as well as the properties of the adhesives in practice, for example when in contact with moisture, fluctuating temperatures or UV irradiation.

We have the top of the line adhesives:
  • Hybrid Adhesives
  • Silicone Adhesives
  • Acrylate Adhesives

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