Welcome to V-PRO !

V-pro is sealant specialist company. We can help you prevent costly damages to your properties caused by weather elements.

Our scope starts with the perfect sealant for more than 100 different materials and in over 140 different colors to suit your individual need.

We have the perfect flat roof system using an extremely long-lasting and easy to install material with life expectation of up to 30 years or over. We also have the perfect coating system for floors, roofs bridges and many other locations to protect your investment against moisture.

In industry and at building sites today adhesives assume a very wide variety of assembly and mounting functions. However, unlike the famous all-purpose glues, adhesives for professional use have to be absolute specialists to be able to fulfil their functions.

Anyone wishing to select the exactly right adhesive for an application not only has to know the different performance profiles of the adhesives, he must also know how they act chemically and physically in specific environments and situations.

We can bring you all solutions to almost any material combinations!

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